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When you rent at Beerbike.dk you will also get staff to stear the bike and help while on the ride - we dont want to see anybody with a half empty glass.

We have pick up nd drop off at Nytorv 1 in the center of Copenhagen so that all you have to do is be the with high spitits ready for a few hours of entertainment. 

This year we are introducing a 1 hour ride along with our 2 hour ride.

To see the routes please go her

Lightning to set the mood along with a driver and a bartender whom will do there best in order for you never to forget the ride
So are you and your friends ready for a little extra attention and a fantastic experience?
Then order a ride with Beerbike.dk. We can ofcause deliver both beer and wine among other things. Price exampel of 12,5 ltr beer on a keg is 850,- dkr

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Do you and your friends need some special attention and a fantastic event? Then order a ride with BeerBike. You will be able to choose from Beers, Soda , Wine and snacks for your ride. Max 14 persons

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Se the latest pictures of our beerbike in the Gallery

Polterabend from Schwitzerland on beerbike in Copenhagen